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Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Hero Saves the Day

This morning our chubby 13-year old cat, Friskie (slogan: Big and Cuddy, Soft and Wuddly), saved us! From two big, scary pigeons!
She was sitting at the open balcony door, looking out at all the lovely herbs she likes to sniff and mark with her cheeks when she suddenly started making "chea chea" sounds (that 'ch' is a very back 'x' sound, linguistically speaking. Yes, linguistic courses were on my grad school curriculum.).

My husband, the lovable Hobo, and I wondered what the fuck was up as Friskie hasn't gotten excited about a potential intruder in, well, ever. So we looked out and what do you know, there was a pigeon perched on the railing. Ole Frisks quieted down a bit. We thought the danger was over. But then she started up again and also began meowing very pitifully. The enemy had backup - a second pigeon had joined him (her - who knows with pigeons). Frisks kept meowing, but she wouldn't venture outside. We think she wanted us to do her dirty work. Finally, she gathered up all her courage, crept out onto the balcony and...
politely and rather quietly meowed at the pigeons to please leave. Which they did. I think they were more annoyed than scared. As we didn't want to wear our cat's confidence down, we heaped praise upon her and told her those pigeons were probably deathly afraid of her bold actions.

The picture shows our courageous bodyguard just moments after the confrontation


  • At 9:37 PM, Blogger Satria said…

    Oooh, that Friskie looks like a real killer.


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