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Monday, July 24, 2006

So friggin' hot

It's been hot. Really fucking hot. It's getting close to summer in Kansas hot. So hot that I brought work home from my non air-conditioned, west-facing (is that a word?) office thinking it would be easier and more comfortable to work here. Instead my concentration seems to have melted like a scoop of Ben and Jerry's (mmm, Ben and Jerry's) and so I'm sitting around in my underwear (it's not as sexy as you might think) and surfing the net and getting grumpy because I feel like I should be getting something productive done. Work, do the dishes, clean the house, do my taxes, start a sewing project, get an acting career off the ground. Something, anything goddamn it! Ahh! Yes, I think I'm a bit manic. Any advice on how to cure myself of it is welcome.

Another negative side effect of this heatwave is that I, normally a semi-avid kitchen chef (Was machen Sie gerne? Ich koche gerne.), have absolutely no desire to cook. Zero, zip, nil. I just want to go out to eat at any of the great restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating we've discovered since moving to the new pad in May. Sounds great, right? Only the new place is more expensive than the old one and the move took a bite out of our bank accounts. So we're trying to save money. Have I mentioned that saving money sucks when the bistro down the street has these really yummy appetizers, including homemade fries and chips, or this lovely Italian restaurant has linguine in clam sauce that's to die for? Anyway, I guess I'll be grown-up about it. Which is no fun. Tuna sandwiches and corn on the cob it'll be for the Lovable Hobo and me. At least that only requires only minimal kitchen time.

Before any comments on the topic: yes, I know how hypocritical my bitching about the heat is. Yes, I know that I bitch and bitch and bitch about the gef├╝hlte 360 days of cold and rainy weather per year in Hamburg. So what. I'm manic AND hypocritical. It's a winning combination. Are you jealous of the Lovable Hobo yet?!

P.S. A bright spot on the horizon: Law & Order: Criminal Intent is on tv tonight. Okay, it's dubbed in German, which sucks, but still. It's got Vincent D'Onofrio and Vincent D'Onofrio rocks!


  • At 6:09 PM, Blogger intern4life said…

    Don't believe her! Nothing is sexier than seeing this blogger in her underwear!

    Oh, and I'll take you out for dinner if you stop calling me a hobo.


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