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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Block Party - 2 Hands Up

For today's pleasure a little movie review...
Well, I finally got up off my ass and went to see a movie. And it was great. Friday night we went to Open Air Kino at Millerntor to see Dave Chappelle's Block Party. It's probably the best concert film I've ever seen, surpassing even The Song Remains the Same (a film I may have seen while under the influence, so my judgement on that one may not be the most reliable). Granted, I'm into hip hop, the irony of which (white girl living in really white northern Europe) is not lost on me so I could get into the music - I knew who most of the performers were - but even the Guitar Hero and our friend A. really liked the music. Could I just marry Mos Def in a parallel existence? The bits with Chappelle were also great, but then again, I think he's a brilliant comedian.

Seeing the film put me in a good mood, but it also made a part of me homesick. I miss the multiculurality (is that a word?) that exists in the States. I know, I know, there are lots of racial and cultural problems in the States, but my own personal experience during my over 20 years there was that there was more acceptance of differences and more mingling. Music, fashion, food - wherever you look, the 'other' has flavored the 'norm'. Over here, on the other hand, different cultures, be it German, Turkish, Russian, what have you, don't seem to mix much. I guess the main difference is that over here the various cultures exist as islands with little connection to one another and in the States they're peninsulas somehow hooked together.

Okay, enough with the pseudo-socio-political commentary. I really liked the film. I even plan to see it again. Go see it. Buy the DVD. Get the soundtrack.


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