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Sunday, September 23, 2007

A month

It's been over a month since the Doctor last posted. I have been neither bored nor depressed nor deliriously happy nor lacking for material. I've been incredibly fucking busy. For the first time I have a job that is actually a career job. I have spent the past month (more like two months) working my ass off on a couple of projects. As I'm new to my position, things take me somewhat longer than I like (I don't always know the answers right off the bat) and, due to my annoying perfectionism, I want to do everything right. It's been quite stressful at times (the Guitar Hero's been great at listening to me vent), but being in charge of certain things, bearing responsibility, has had its good side - I know now that there are people out there who think a lot of the work I do. And that's really cool! At the same time, by the time the past several weekends rolled around, my good intentions of posting and finally getting some pictures up fell by the wayside. I usually ended up sleeping most of Saturday or Sunday and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with the Guitar Hero. On a random, somewhat related note, really liked the Bourne trilogy, especially Identity.

Friday I finished up a big, big project and, let me say, it's a relief. I've got some other projects still in the works (including a trip to Estonia!) but this was the bitch of them. I feel as if I've passed a big test - now I know what to expect with related work projects, and that makes me confident. And being confident makes me feel like I have more time to devote to things like this blog and you, dear reader(s)!

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  • At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Tanica said…

    I miss you guys. Hang in there. You'll be in America soon.


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