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Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's up doc?

About a billion weeks ago I promised an update of what's going on here. The biggest news is that I've started a new job. I won't go into much detail due to a) doocing reasons and b) boring my reader(s) reasons, but here's the lowdown: it's in the same area I was working in before, i.e., international relations, it's a step up on the ole career ladder and it's a permanent position. Woo hoo! No more nail-biting come contract renewal time. So far I'm liking it; my supervisor's great and actually entrusts me with responsibility, confirming my sneaking suspicion that I am, in fact, a grown-up.

In other news, the Guitar Hero and I saw The Who in concert last week and it fucking rocked. They played for two hours straight, playing all of my favorites as if the playlist was designed by me. A part of why the concert was so great was that the average audience age was 45. 45 year old Who audience members simply don't get sloppily drunk, push through the crowd rudely or act cooler-as-thou, making for a happy concert experience for crowd-hater Cocoa Puffs. I did not have the need to kill any obnoxious jackasses and that lifted the concert up to best concert ever status.

This weekend the Guitar Hero's in Berlin on bizness and hanging with Mr. Highsteaks so I'm chilling with Friskie and hiding from the mountain of ironing that's threatening to overtake the bedroom. As a part of my procrastination measures I've baked scones and chocolate chip banana bread and straightened the kitchen. I even vacuumed, for crying out loud. Alas, there are a number of items on Mt. Wrinkly that would like to be worn next week so off on the expedition I go.

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