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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Damn, it's May

I feel like the laziest frigging blogger. It's been almost two weeks since I've updated, and for that I'm sorry. We went to Paris and had an awesome time. Two words: Sephora; cheese. Damn, what more could you want of life? More on that later, once I've uploaded my pictures. Can I just say I hate the administrator function this damn laptop has? I have to jump through 45 fucking hoops to down- and upload pictures. Not cool. I am lusting after this cute mac.
Want it, want it, need it. If I go back to free-lancing full-time, it's definitely mine. It's called a tax write-off, people. If it were available in red, I'd already have it, that's how much I want it.

What else is going on here? I made some fucking delicious hummus. It only took me 6 years of trying. There are epic novels that cover shorter periods of time. You cannot, however, eat them.

I discovered this cool site, The Slow Roll. I could suggest so many films for it, but that might be because the Doctor's a bit of a film bitch. I can totally deal with crap films, and can, in fact, even enjoy them, but the mediocre ones make me crazy. Mediocrity's for jackasses, my dear friends. I think that one entence may have had two or eight too many commas. Once again, can't get the Kansas out of the girl.

Newest sucky thing about Hamburg: Blades of Glory is NOT showing in English. Bastards. Why's the city gotta be hating on me like this?

Got some ideas for some future posts. Let's see if the idea to fruition concept can come to pass...

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