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Friday, April 13, 2007

Utter randomness

I haven't written a real entry in so frigging long I think my creative juices have dried up. Which is why I'm going to take an old writing tip and just write about whatever comes to mind in the hopes that something other than complete crap comes out. Please bear with me, however, should that be the case. Life is rather staid at the moment. I can't even call it boring as I've been meeting up with lots of friends and the three jobs thing is keeping me on my toes. It just seems, however, as if some spice is missing. Perhaps an acting project, ehh? Yes, actually. I'm in desparate need of that outlet. And the attention that comes with it, of course. I'm updating the ole resume (actually have a feature film on it now, ha ha) but I must, must get new headshots taken. The ones I have are of a girl who looks, how should we say this delicately, a bit different than the current Doctor:

It's amazing what changing the 'do and stressing off a few pounds can do to a person...
I'm still waiting on tape from the film, so I don't actually know how my scenes came out. Did I mention I got to scream a lot? And that I'm really good at screaming? Like really, really good? Maybe I should add that to my resume.
On a totally unrelated note: my younger sister's put up a page on myspace and I've noticed that a lot of other myspacers are in serious need of an internet design course. People, there's a reason simplicity rocks. If your internet site moves so much users get motion sickness, then it might be time to consult some layout tips. For the love of god, check out blurbomat or dooce for inspiration. Please.
God, did I just turn into a snobby blogger bitch? Why yes, I did. Fuck it. Being a bitch about this is probably the last on the list of grievances I'm accused of as Queen Bitch.
And I'm craving this cake but I'm too fucking lazy to get off my ass and bake it. One of the things I miss about the States is gooey chocolate frosting. The Vaterland here isn't too big on gooey chocolate frosting. Socio-political ramifications of such? Anyone?
A final note: By googling my real, non CocoaPuffs name, you'll find hits for my two grown up jobs, a few professional articles I've co-authored, an academic essay I once published and my imdb link. A bit schizophrenic, you might think. Welcome to my world. Honestly. I wake up some (ok, maybe a lot of) mornings and have no idea which identity is really me. It's like trying to figure out which shirt suits me best. Which one do you, dear reader(s), think I should wear?

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