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Monday, January 15, 2007

What I wore

The innernets guided me to Dilly's great what to wear site, and I think it rocks. Even cooler, in my humble opinion, is her daily site on what she's wearing. Probably because she has great fashion sense (or maybe it's because her style is similar to mine - which is the same thing).

As a tribute to how cool I think her site is, I'll tell you what I wore yesterday (would've posted yesterday, but laziness got in the way).

I had to go to a brunch so my usual Sunday attire of what I slept in just wouldn't do. I chose my new yet old (it's secondhand) denim mini, a long black cardigan from H&M over a ribbed white wife-beater from Old Navy, black tights and my kick-ass red leather boots from Berlin. Yes, I've mentioned their awesomeness elsewhere on this site. Jewelry: silver hoops and my silver Esprit bracelet watch.

Hair & make-up: Laura Mercier Vanilla Nuts and a bit of Laura Mercier Sable on the ole peepers, Laura Mercier Black Orchid Gloss on the mouth, drugstore hairspray.

And it's the mirror that makes me look that hippy. Seriously.


  • At 1:18 AM, Blogger Dilly said…

    Aw, thanks for the props! You've got a pretty great blog here, and I must say I could see myself in that outfit! :-)


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