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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Feelin' better

So I'm feeling better. Things aren't as dark as I thought they might be. I got through a big work deadline. And the Guitar Hero and I moseyed through Hamburg's Christmas Market and went to see Borat (yes, I saw a movie twice!) so it was a good day. What is there bad to say about a day where you get to eat fresh Reibekuchen aka Kartoffelpuffer aka potato pancakes AND smoked mackerel as well as drink Gl├╝hwein aka mulled wine?
As to the list of things I want, as promised here they are in no particular order:
1) A digital camera. I want a camera with which I can take decent shots and plug into ANY computer to download (or upload, as the case may be). No schnickschnack needed as I am a crap photographer. Suggestions welcome.
2) New headshots showing off the thinness mentioned in previous posts.
3) Hmm, independent wealth?!
4) And how about some motherfucking boots that fit? Seriously, I don't like my boots baggy around my ankles. Why does the shoe industry have to be hating on me like that?


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