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Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm productive. Yay me!

Whilst having the apartment to myself this weekend, I actually managed to get a lot of shit done. Some of it was boring, like filing 2 months of mail, but some of it was fun: I sorted out 5 bags of clothes from my closet. It felt so good to say don't wear it, don't need it. My closet now actually looks like it belongs to a non-crazy person. As non-crazy people do not need 8 black tank tops; 5 will do in a pinch. I also completed another sewing project (this time without any hotlines being contacted). I altered an old blouse so that it fits, following the instructions provided by the Aug./Sept. issue of the brilliant Bust magazine. Even though my seams aren't the most even (because I suck, suck, suck at following lines), it's still wearable. And my sewing machine and I are getting to know and like each other better.

At any rate, I feel ready for the next 9 days before we head off to merry old Kansas. And man, they are packed. I have to work, go to one office Christmas party, bake something to take to another office get-together, bake a cake to take to the office on my birthday (yes, I'll be 21 in a few days!), buy Christmas gifts and chocolate for my family, clean the apartment so our cat sitter doesn't have to live in our filth for three weeks, figure out what I'm taking with me to Kansas, pack it, re-pack when I change my mind, and, oh yeah, buy a digital camera. Because there's one out there crying out for me, saying "Buy me, oh buy me, Dr. Cocoa Puffs. Buy me now!". Now if only I could figure out which one it is...


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