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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Happy New Year punks!

We're celebrating New Year's at Skaterbol's, which means I have dsl access, so I can finally update.

The trip is going well - as I predicted, lots of eatin' & shoppin' - photos coming soon. Thank god I can still fit into my pants.

New Year's brings the Guitar Hero, Skaterbol and the Doctor hanging out at Skaterbol's house having drinks, petting her three cats, playing trivial pursuit (and sucking at it) and watching The Aristocrats. Might sound lame to some assholes, but it's actually been lots of fun.

Here's a toast out to all of you for a great 2007 with lots of laughs, love and fun.

ETA: I've finally transferred all my Kansas photos from the camera to the computer. Here's a few first looks at all the fun we had...

This is a photo of Skaterbol and the Doctor at a family get-together between the holidays. Lots of alcohol. Lots.

Skaterbol and the Doctor are having some music lessons here. It's very scary how little I can read music, even after 8 years of piano lessons as a child. As in, I can't play worth a shit. Please excuse the lime green sweater; it was cold and Skaterbol tried to pawn it off on me. I recognized, however, the Faded Glory tag for what it was.

And this one's of our New Year's Eve trivial pursuit game. Let's just say the anniversary edition sucks, and the combined 5 college degrees at the table were of absolutely no fucking help. TV Guide helped me out more, for Christ's sake.


  • At 5:57 AM, Blogger Skaterbol said…

    Hey MoFos, Happy belated new years!! Had a great time. Cheers to Dr. Cocoa Puffs and her hubby Guitar Hero for making the new years celebration a little less depressing this year... Who knew that my bro-in-law enjoyed the vodka so much :)... And who knew that my sister rocked at shitty trivial pursuit (via enterainment),, the skinny bitch.... Miss the two of you already.... Skaterbol

  • At 2:48 AM, Blogger Skaterbol said…

    Love the pics... That sweater looks great on you. You should have brought it back with you to Germany. It sure as shit isn't going to worn hear in good ole land of oz....


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