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Friday, January 26, 2007

It's a photo essay

I've finally looked at some more of the gajillions of photos we took in Kansas and thought I would share some as I really have nothing interesting to write about, other than I'm sick of wearing boots every goddamn day (could no one make cute winter SHOES?!) and I'm sick of getting my period (seriously, 22 years of this shit is enough). On that pretty note, away to Kansas...

This one's of the bridge crossing the Missouri River into my hometown of Atchison. From a distance, it looks very pretty. When you're driving over it, however, you're praying for your life. It needs some drastic work. Drastic as in being torn down and rebuilt.

Taken from the same place, down by the river, this is what downtown Atchison looks like at sunset. When we took the picture, it was a bit eery. Everything was closed, even though it was only 5:30 pm. It was like a ghost town.

Luckily, we found some signs of life the next evening when we went out for drinks with my brother E. and his girlfriend T. This is possibly the only bar in Atchison where you will not get a communicable disease from the toilets. In Atchison, that makes it a classy joint.

To get a taste of big town life, we headed to Kansas City to meet up with Skaterbol and friends. Here's a picture of us having breakfast at a really cool cafe at the City Market. Our table's in an old elevator shelf. The guy with the towel over his head is a friend of Skaterbol's. Don't ask.

To keep with the theme of eating, here's the Guitar Hero enjoying a burrito, the likes of which one cannot find in Hamburg. Why oh why must Hamburg hate me so?

More photos coming up, I couldn't get any more uploaded with this post!


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