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Friday, September 08, 2006

Just hangin...

I haven't written in awhile because, strangely enough, things are going well. Really well, in fact. I can't remember the last time I was in a good mood for this long. Why, you might ask. Well, some things are picking up on the acting front. We've just made some vacation plans to visit family in the states, which means yummy, yummy Yello Sub. More on both of those topics once there's official news - I don't want to jinx anything. Yes, I'm superstitious like that. And the Guitar Hero and I are on a good groove for the moment. Which all means I don't have anything majorly meaninful to bitch about.

So what exactly is new at the Doctor's?

Let's see...
The cool weather's been encouraging us to cook more and the Guitar Hero has made some really yummy meals lately. If I weren't such a glutton, I'd have taken some pictures and posted them but I don't think you want to see me gorging myself on luscious roasted tomato sauce. It's not pretty.

We've been watching the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD. I can't decide if I think the series as a whole is good or not - it's a bit hit and miss. Maybe it'll pick up in the 2nd season.

I've been laughing my ass off at this site. The Klaus Kinski clip is classic. Too bad he's dead. He'd make a great Supernanny.

And the Guitar Hero has been continuing his sleep deprivation experiment and is trying out polyphasic sleep. He's doing pretty well, considering he's only sleeping 3 hours a day. I'd NOT be in a good mood were I the one trying it out and most definitely certifiably insane. Dr. Cocoa Puffs without sleep equals Return of the Queen Bitch. I would need one of these attached to me:

To avoid looking like this:

That's about it. Later taters!


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