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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello? Is this thing on?

Has it really been two months since I posted? Jeesus...
Here's the short version of what's been going on:
- Trip to the States was great. Bit stressful cause it wasn't all for fun, but got to see a lot of the country which was nice. A number of burritos were eaten. Got a great dress at Old Navy and summer shoes at Target. My hardware handbag rocked the conference in D.C. Thanks, Allie, for the shopping tip.
- My older niece graduated from high school and leaves for college in a month. That makes me old. Guess what makes me even older? Realizing I have no idea what kids take to college these days. I'm guessing quarters for the pay phone are obsolete. As are floppy disks.
- Spent June working my butt off. As in the number of hours of overtime were double the number of hours I get paid for. Finally cried uncle, which turned out to be a good thing. Should have someone assisting me soon.
- Bought a new laptop that's just the cutest thing in the world because it's so little (but has a normal keyboard - yay!).
- The Guitar Hero got a Wii so I might, just might, start working out with the Wii Fit. Because seriously, I'm getting the body of a flabby old lady. And that's just sad.
- And we're going on vacation in two weeks. 10 days of sunshine, just reading, relaxing and snorkeling (if I can figure out how!).

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