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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Shopping update

So I went downtown yesterday in the high hopes of picking up a dress or two for a conference next week. I had found this gray empire dress and this black wrap dress and this light gray t-shirt dress plus this blue one on the Esprit online site and thought, I'll try these babies on, maybe purchase one of them and hurry back home before the crowds drive me mad.

Apparently, the Esprit shops in Hamburg do not carry the online Sortiment because they didn't have crap in the way of dresses. I ended up slogging my way through masses of slow-walkers for two hours and came up with nothing. Arrgh! Dresses are all over fashion spreads this fall and yet nobody's carrying anything for the Doctor.

On the positive flip side, the useless shopping trip forced me to clean out my closet today. I have a few ideas in mind and, as an added bonus, have a huge bag of clothes to give away. Which means there's room in the closet once I finally find something I like. Even if I have to order it online!

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